The Choral Tales Project  selected three folk tales from China, Tanzania and Scotland. Each tale is distilled into a poem, in English, which is then set to original choral music, and acted out in narrative dance as the choir sings.

The three tales are to be produced as a video that will be available at no charge via the net and suitable for broadcast on public television and other media outlets.

The resulting pieces can be performed by students and other nonprofessional artists, thereby, aiding them to reconnect with their cultural roots, while also learning to appreciate cultures in other parts of the world.

Ludwig Tuman,

Creative Director & Composer


Creative Director & Composer

Ludwig Tuman has been a faculty member of the Chicago Conservatory College. His studies in music composition and related areas were at Harvard (B.A. cum laude), UC Berkeley (graduate level), and San Francisco State University (M.A.).

His work, Variations for Piano, won top honors in the 2012 Concorso Counterpoint-Italy, an international competition based in New York City.  In recognition of the award, the Variations for Piano were premiered in January  of 2014 in New York.